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Community Rules for Participation in Financial Wealth

The following rules have been created by the community in the interest of sustaining the community which is financially free:

  1. Participants may have NO more than one account.
  2. Donation Limits:
    1. Donations in south African Rands (ZAR)
      1. Minimum Donation - R500, or
      2. Minimum of 50% of the amount requested by the receiver, whichever the greater
      3. Maximum Donation - R20 000 (Per Day) but not more than the receiver is requesting
  3. Failure to confirm funds received could result in support confirming the order on your behalf and your account being blocked for 14 days for non-confirmation.
  4. Any member of the community found to be in contravention of the rules of participation/sabotaging the system in anyway will be blocked permanently.
  5. It is important that each member knows and understands that participation in Financial Wealth is at your own discretion. Any and all donations made to participant/s are done between yourself and that participant/s.
  6. Should the situation ever arise where there are not enough donors for the system to match with people requesting to receive donations, a system reset or restart will take place. Please read about the system

Restart process


In the best interest of yourself, our community and the longevity of the system, we recommend that members participate SAFELY and SMARTLY.

We encourage all members to initially decide on a small fixed amount to donate. Continuously donate that amount until you have received enough bonuses to have recovered your initial donation and then participate with the money you received in bonuses, in other words your profit.


We as a community aim to fight poverty and provide additional income for every household around the world.

The structure of Financial Wealth, as an Donation Exchange Community (DEC) and is built on levelling benefits and providing equal opportunity of additional income to all its members.

The strength of Financial Wealth depends on its members sharing the ideology with as many people as possible.

We encourage you to teach those with whom you share Financial Wealth, to apply the Safe Participation Rule.

This Donation Exchange Community is owned and run by its participants. It is, therefore, up to everyone here to reach out to all parts of the globe to assist in creating the financial freedom designed for all to share.


A donation exchange operates on the basis that donations offered are paid to people wishing to receive donations. However, in the event that the number of people requesting to receive donations far outweighs the number of donors offering to provide donations the system is then restarted or reset.

When a reset takes please the following rules will apply:

  1. The Financial Wealth system will assume you are following the Safe Participation Rule (insert hyperlink to redirect to "Safe Participation")
  2. The system will record your first donation amount and assume that is the amount with which you will continue to participate.
  3. As you receive donations the system will record the total amount of 50% bonuses that you have received.
  4. If the system is restarted or reset, people who have received more bonuses than the initial amount they donated, their pending donations will be removed from the new donations list.
  5. If the total amount you have received in bonuses is less than your original amount, then the difference will be added to the restart list for you to be able to receive your outstanding balance first.
  6. The rule of restart or reset will only apply to people who have active donations in the system at the time of the reset and who have not received their donation request

Notice - Financial Wealth is not a company one banking details can be or an investment. Financial Wealth is a program that networks participants to make donations to one another and in return may request to receive donations of up to 50% more than your initial donation. Donations from peer to peer are done on a voluntary basis and there are no contracts between participants. Members may make donations to each other at their own discretion.